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Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Program

The HUD-VASH program provides rental housing assistance vouchers specifically targeted towards homeless veterans. PHA's work closely with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition to the rental assistance provided through voucher assistance, the Veterans Affairs case management provides supportive services and case management to HUD-VASH voucher holders. Columbia Housing has received awards totaling 375 HUD-VASH vouchers to serve homeless veteran households.

All HUD-VASH referrals are received through the US Department of Veterans Affairs case management team. All eligibility screening is conducted by the US Department of Veteran Affairs except income eligibility and for lifetime registration under a state sex offender registration program. A condition of eligibility for a HUD-VASH voucher is that the families receive VA case management services. A family's HCV assistance must be terminated if the family refuses, without good cause, to participate in required case management with the VA.

If you are a homeless veteran and interested in receiving a HUD-VASH voucher, please contact us to see if you qualify.