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Buy a House Through Columbia Housing?

The homeownership program offered by Columbia Housing provides opportunities for persons to become homeowners through education, counseling and connecting with resources to assist with costs associated with home purchase. Columbia Housing provides prospective homeowners with education on financial literacy, home buying, and home maintenance. The program is designed to ensure that prospective home buyers are knowledgeable of the home buying process requirements for maintaining a home.

Homeownership Opportunities

The Housing Choice Voucher Program provides resources for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program tenants to purchase a home with the use of their voucher. Columbia Housing has been implementing the program for 18 years with a total of 99 Housing Choice Voucher families purchasing homes through the program. Two of the families who previously purchased through the program sold their first homes and purchased a second one with the use of HCV Homeownership subsidies.

Other homeownership opportunities are available through the homes purchased by the authority through the Richland County Neighborhood Stabilization Program and HUD Real Estate Owned Property Programs.

The following classes are part of the Home Ownership Program

  • Home Buying Class
  • Budget and Credit Class
  • Home and Yard Maintenance Class

For more information on the Home Ownership Program, contact Teneasha Perkins at at 803-254-3886 ext 212.