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Landlord Owner/Agent Portal

The Housing Authority provides most communication with landlords via a web-based self-service owner/agent portal. Once Columbia Housing receives required landlord documentation, the owner/agent information will be uploaded to the owner/agent portal and you will receive a letter with your login information and instructions for using the portal. The link below will take you to the portal:

Landlord Portal

To log on to the portal:
User Name 
- This will be the letter "O" for owners and the letter "A" for agents followed by a unique numeric identifier assigned by our software system.
Password - The initial password will be XXX plus the last four (4) numbers of your social security number or federal identification number, whichever you entered on the W-9 you provided to the Housing Authority. The portal will prompt you to reset your password and add your e-mail address. You will not be able to proceed without an e-mail address.

Information communicated via the portal includes the following:  

  1. Payment Records - The portal provides a rolling fourteen (14) month history of Housing Assistance Payments. The Housing Authority will no longer provide physical checks or check stubs. The portal will provide you with the detail of your direct deposits.
  2. Year End 1099 - Your year end 1099 forms will be posted to the portal for your retrieval. These forms are triple encrypted for security purposes and will require a password prior to opening when you download the form.