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Am I Eligible?

1. Look Up Your Income Level

Using the table below, find the row for your family size, and then find your annual household income in that row. Then look at the top of that column to find your percentage number. Your percentage number measures your income in comparison to the average family of your size in the Columbia area. You may want to write down your percentage number to remember it.

Richland County Income Guidelines
(Effective April 1, 2022)

Family Size Housing Choice Voucher Program Public Housing Program Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program
% of Median Income 50% 80% 60%
1 $28,250 $45,150 $33,900
2 $32,250 $51,600 $38,700
3 $36,300 $58,050 $43,560
4 $40,300 $64,500 $48,240
5 $43,550 $69,700 $52,260
6 $46,750 $74,850 $56,100
7 $50,000 $80,000 $60,000
8 $53,200 $85,150 $63,840

The limits listed above are for subsidized programs. There are slightly different limits for non-subsidized programs. If your income is close to the limits listed above, please speak directly with each property for their specific income limits. 

Columbia Housing administers other forms of rental assistance programs such as the Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8). Click here for more information. 

2. Search for Housing

Income limits are listed in the property description for every apartment or single-family home listed on this website. If your percentage number is the same or lower than the income limit shown for that unit, then you are eligible to rent it. 

3. Know Your History

Like other landlords, we need to make sure our applicants will be good tenants. This involves checking your:

Landlord References: We'll need to see good references from the places you have lived for the past three years. If there is a good reason you can't provide these, we may be able to use other types of references. 

Credit History: We run a consumer credit check on every applicant. If you still owe money to a previous landlord, you might not be approved for residency. 

Criminal History: We have specific guidelines at each of our properties regarding serious crimes, especially drug-related activity or violence. We run a criminal record check on every applicant.

4. Requirement for Public Housing

Many of our apartments are subsidized, which means that you only pay 30% of your income as rent. These residences have additional requirements for residency.