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August Advocacy Week 5 - Timely, Robust Appropriations


August Advocacy Week 5: Timely, Robust Appropriations

Congress should provide full funding of affordable housing and community development programs to meet the needs of the nation's communities. In the current affordable housing crisis, it is more important than ever for Congress, HUD, and other federal agencies to function efficiently and effectively.

In our fifth and final week of August Advocacy, we are sending letters urging Congress to provide timely, robust annual appropriations. NAHRO members appreciate recent robust appropriations, but the lateness of final spending bills has been an unnecessary challenge to already difficult work.

Why Your Voice is Important

Because of the rapid increase in housing, material, and labor costs, flat funding acts as a funding cut and impacts the number of people served. Speak up to let your legislators know that you want them to pass appropriations in a timely manner to help you do your job effectively. Let them know that you need predictable, adequate funding to serve residents in your community. We encourage EVERYONE to get involved by sending a quick letter to Congress using NAHRO's easy to use link!

Click HERE to send your letter today!

August Advocacy week 5 - Timely, Robust Appropriations

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