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Preserve Public Housing - August Advocacy Week 4


August Advocacy Week 4: Preserve Public Housing

Chronic underfunding of the Public Housing Capital Fund has placed the inventory at risk. Public housing is a critical affordable housing tool and is not subject to the sharp rent increases currently being seen on the private rental market. Preserving public housing is particularly important in rural communities that lack access to private investments that can be used to build affordable housing.

In the fourth week of August Advocacy, we are sending letters aimed to preserve public housing. Public Housing is the only option for thousands of Americans working to make ends meet. Coupled with a decreasing housing stock and increasing expenses, these properties are becoming out of reach. More resources are needed to preserve public housing for future generations.

Why Your Voice is Important

The number of available units of affordable housing is incredibly lacking compared to the number of people searching for it. Congress has the power to preserve public housing and improve the housing stock all together. As the need for affordable housing continues to grow, we need Congress to prioritize the preservation of public housing. We encourage EVERYONE to get involved by sending a quick letter to Congress using NAHRO's easy to use link!

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Preserve Public Housing

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