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Actions to Keeping Families Housed


Columbia Housing's Actions to Keeping Families Housed


Columbia Housing is in the business of housing families. We strive to keep families housed before, after, and during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The COVID-19 Pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on our families. Many tenants have lost jobs or had their hours cut and are concerned about how they will pay rent and for other basic needs. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, Columbia Housing processed over 2,500 rent changes accounting for approximately 40% of the families served.

The strategies Columbia Housing has applied and will continue to apply to ensure families remain housed during the COVID-19 Pandemic include the following:

Resident Strategies

  • Contacted via Phone
  • Contacted via Email
  • Implemented Call Log, whereby Residents are Contacted via Phone Weekly
  • Added Messages to Monthly Rental Statements
  • Eblast availability of Rental Assistance Programs
  • Eblast reminder of any Changes to Household Income
  • Knocked on Doors
  • Mailed Income Change Notices
  • Mailed Notices Encouraging Residents to Contact Property Manager
  • Mailed Reminder Notices
  • Added a "Help Center" Link to CH website that includes links to Applications for Rental Assistance
  • Updated Resident Database with Current Contact Information (phone, email)
  • Adjustments are made for any residents that experience a change or reduction in their income. Income Changes May Be Submitted Via: Property Management; Website; 24-Hour Line; COVID-19 and CH Cares Emails
  • Mailed Notice to Residents and Families
  • In partnership with Richland County and SC Housing, Columbia Housing hosted a landlord workshop to provide information on how to access available Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) resources.
  • Assisted residents and families with completing ERAP applications.

Primary Rental Assistance Resources

  • SC Housing Rental Assistance Program
  • Richland County Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Wateree Community Actions Rental Assistance Program
  • SC Thrive Rental Assistance Program

As of January 21, 2022 - Columbia Housing has not processed ANY evictions for NON-PAYMENT of RENT. We will continue the above efforts to keep our families housed. As stewards of federal resources, if families with the ability to pay CHOOSE NOT to participate in bringing their RENT CURRENT, we will proceed with the EVICTIONS PROCESS.

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