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Max the Vax


125 Individuals Receives COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing

On January 6, Columbia Housing teamed up with Health Force to launch its Max the Vax Campaign aimed at reaching vaccine-hesitant populations with a focus on citizens 40 years of age and younger. The turnout was great! Columbia Housing was able to facilitate COVID-19 vaccinations and testing for 125 people.

We saw formally vaccine-hesitant people get their first shots. We saw eligible children coming to get their first & second shots. We served residents with mobility issues from their cars. We also saw several people who are already fully vaccinated bring their neighbors to take advantage of the opportunity that we provided. Again, it was a huge success!

Right now, we are seeing big surges in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in our area. The Max the Vax Campaign will continue to take its teams into vulnerable communities to provide life-saving information, testing, and vaccinations.

Thank you to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for providing funding through its Outreach Grant to underwrite Columbia Housing's Max the Vax Campaign!












Columbia Housing continues to follow the recommendations of healthcare professionals in urging our employees, residents, and the community to consider receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. To date, ninety-three percent (93%) of Columbia Housing's 100+ employee workforce are fully vaccinated.

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