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Richland Library partnership earns 2 National Awards


Columbia Housing receives 2 National NAHRO Awards of Merit for partnership with Richland Library

Columbia Housing recently received notification of 46 NAHRO Awards of Merit in the categories of Administrative Innovation and Resident Services from the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). Two (2) of the Awards of Merit were awarded for Columbia Housing's partnership with Richland Library.

🏆 - CH Reads

🏆 - Home-Spot, Hot Spot

CH Reads, a partnership between Columbia Housing and Richland Library, was launched to strategically engage residents and promote literacy despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents had access to free books of their choice for varying age groups, participated in incentivized reading competitions with other residents, networked with other residents through virtual reading sessions, received free tutoring, and resident lead tutoring opportunities.

Home Spot, Hot Spot program, a partnership between Columbia Housing and Richland Library, was launched in an effort to ensure broadband connectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hot Spot 3.jpg

Funded by the McNulty Foundation and the Richland Library Friends and Foundation, the year-long program gave residents access to 65 mobile hot spots as well as the digital resources that helped them learn; create and share; return back to school; stay in touch with loved ones remotely, and utilize basic services that have moved to digital platforms.

Awards and Accolades

We take pride in delivering Affordable Housing with a Purpose. Columbia Housing's mission of leveraging the power of housing to build a foundation for individuals and families to thrive expands beyond brick and mortar, and into the lives of the families we serve through connecting them with life-changing economic and educational empowerment opportunities.

We are pleased to highlight awards, grants, and notable community engagement accolades bestowed upon us and our residents, cementing our principles of putting residents first, creating a climate of transparency and accountability, increasing operational efficiencies and rebuilding, and maintaining public trust.

We thank our community and business partners who play an essential role in all of these acknowledgments. #ThePowerofPartnerships, WE are Better Together.  

Columbia Housing invites you to visit its Awards and Accolades page at to view a complete list of awards received from 2019 to the present.

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