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Allen Benedict Court: Forever in My Heart

Allen Benedict Court: The Beginning 

Columbia Housing began accepting bids for the construction of Allen-Benedict Court on November 18, 1939. Arthur Wellwood, then director of CH, announced that Allen-Benedict Court would be situated within the area bounded by Harden, Oak, Calhoun, and Laurel Streets. The construction contract for the new project went to M.B Kahn Company in conjunction with the Boyle Road and Bridge Company.

The official start date of construction on Allen-Benedict Court was February 11, 1940. The plans for construction included 244 dwelling units of which, 182 were leased before the official move-in date of November 15, 1940. Just before the move-in date, M.A Entzminger was appointed the Resident Manager of Allen-Benedict Court by the CHA's board of directors. The rents were very similar to those posted for Gonzales Gardens, but Allen-Benedict Court provided more options on apartment size than its sister project.