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CH Votes

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CH Votes is committed to making sure the Residents of Columbia Housing have access to the resources they need to participate in all local, state, and national elections.

CH Votes is committed to providing :

  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Education
  • Voter Mobilization

CH Votes is committed to partnering with non-partisan organizations to provide CH residents with the knowledge they need to make their voices heard.

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CH Votes Action Timeline:


  • 09.12.2020: Partnered with the Columbia Branch of the NAACP to conduct Voter Registration at Latimer Manor during Census Event.
  • 09.10.2020: Confirmed partnership with Richland County Public Library to assist with voter registration efforts.  The Social Work Department of the Library will answer questions regarding voter registration and registration eligibility questions via phone and email.  The Library is also assisting citizens in need of photo ID through the end of the month.  Inquiries should be directed to 803-386-8506 or via email:

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  • 09.09.2020: Conducted Zooming to the Polls featuring information on Absentee Voting, Voting After Incarceration, and Resources for Homeless Voters.

  • 09.02.2020: Conducted Zooming to the Polls with over 40 participants.  
  • 09.07.2020: Confirmed partnership with Columbia Branch of the NAACP to assist with voter registration efforts at upcoming event promoting Census participation.


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  • 08.24.2020: Launched CH Votes program with Door to Door visits with the residents of Rosewood Hills Senior Buildings and during monthly REC meeting Senior Voting flyer.jpg
  • 08.23.2020: Launched CH Votes initiative to formalize efforts around voters registration, education, and mobilization of CH Residents.