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CH Votes is committed to making sure the Residents of Columbia Housing have access to the resources they need to participate in all local, state, and national elections.

CH Votes is committed to providing :

  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Education
  • Voter Mobilization

CH Votes is committed to partnering with non-partisan organizations to provide CH residents with the knowledge they need to make their voices heard.

Absentee Voting by Mail Guide from the Midlands Mediation Center:

Absentee Ballots are mailed to individuals to complete and return. There are several steps necessary to complete the ballot correctly.
1. Take open your Absentee Mail-In Ballot as soon as you
receive it. (Discard the large envelope it came in)
2. Spread out the documents inside and read them carefully
3. Read BOTH SIDES of your Ballot! (Many elective-office candidates are listed on the BACK side.0
4. Fill out your Ballot completely and sign it
5. Put your Ballot in the Pre-Paid (no postage necessary) Mailing envelope.
6. Seal that Mailing envelope
7. A WITNESS SIGNATURE is required on the outside of your Mailing Envelope!
Your Witness can be a family member, friend, neighbor, or another person that you trust. The Witness must sign your envelope AND include their home address. Without a Witness Signature and the home address of your Witness, your ballot cannot be counted.
8. Put your completed and witnessed Ballot in the mail immediately! It MUST
arrive by November 3rd, 2020 or it will not be counted.
9. You can also return your Ballot by taking it to a Satellite Location and turning it in in-person.
10. If you want someone to deliver your ballot to a Satellite Location because
you cannot go yourself, you must fully complete the YELLOW "Authorization To Return Ballot" form. That is turned in with the Ballot, but should NOT be put in the Ballot Envelope.
And finally, if you have any questions, you can use any of the following resources:

Richland County has satellite locations open NOW for absentee in-person voting!

Richland County absentee in person voting locations for 2020 general election

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CH Votes Action Timeline:


  • 10.31.2020: Get Out the Vote Parade at Latimer Manor

Latimer Manor Get Out the Vote Parade Saturday October 31 2020 3pm

  • 10.28.2020: Zooming to the Polls: SC Celebs Get Out the Vote

  • 10.21.2020: Zooming to the Polls: Empowering Young Voters

  • 10.21.2020: Mailed packets of voting information to all households in the Cayce Housing Authority.  Packets included sample ballots, absentee in-person satellite locations for Lexington County and PPE kits.

Lexington County absentee in-person voting locations

  • 10.16.2020: Announced partnership with COMET for transportation options for CH Residents to get to and from the polls

flyer for COMET rides to the polls for CH Residents

  • 10.14.2020: Zooming to the Polls: Candidate Town Hall Richland District Two School Board Candidates

  • 10.07.2020: Zooming to the Polls: Candidate Town Hall Richland District One School Board Candidates

  • 10.06.2020: Published special CH Votes edition of the Housing Herald

front page CH Votes edition of the Housing Herald   page 2 CH Votes of The Housing Herald voting edition

  • 10.01.2020: Partnered with First Nazareth Baptist Church to hold Voter Registration event at all 4 senior communities.  Residents were also given sample ballots for their precinct and given information on Richland County satellite voting locations for absentee in-person voting.


  • 09.22.2020: National Voter Registration Day.  28 CH Staff went door to door at 10 properties to assist residents with their voting needs and questions. Registered 15 new voters today-including 1 formerly incarcerated citizen. Used online app to confirm voter registration for 125 people. Requested 8 absentee ballots. Ordered 1 new voter registration card. 

Staff registering voters

  • 09.18.2020: Published Voter Registration Deadlines
  • 09.17.2020: Published Richland County Voting Satellite Locations
  • 09.12.2020: Partnered with the Columbia Branch of the NAACP to conduct Voter Registration at Latimer Manor during Census Event.
  • 09.10.2020: Confirmed partnership with Richland County Public Library to assist with voter registration efforts.  The Social Work Department of the Library will answer questions regarding voter registration and registration eligibility questions via phone and email.  The Library is also assisting citizens in need of photo ID through the end of the month.  Inquiries should be directed to 803-386-8506 or via email:

richland county public library.logo

  • 09.09.2020: Conducted Zooming to the Polls featuring information on Absentee Voting, Voting After Incarceration, and Resources for Homeless Voters.

  • 09.02.2020: Conducted Zooming to the Polls with over 40 participants.  
  • 09.07.2020: Confirmed partnership with Columbia Branch of the NAACP to assist with voter registration efforts at upcoming event promoting Census participation.


Register to Vote, Teens standing against a wall with phones

Register to Vote card

  • 08.24.2020: Launched CH Votes program with Door to Door visits with the residents of Rosewood Hills Senior Buildings and during monthly REC meeting Tips for seniors to vote
  • 08.23.2020: Launched CH Votes initiative to formalize efforts around voters registration, education, and mobilization of CH Residents.