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Columbia Housing to Capture 80-Year History; Prepares for ABC Demolition


April 23, 2020

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Columbia Housing to Capture 80-Year History; Prepares for ABC Demolition

Through the Years, Allen Benedict Court Has Been Home to a Host of Notables


Columbia, South Carolina.....When the first residents moved into Allen Benedict Court in 1940-an American postage stamp was $.03, a loaf of bread cost $.13, one could purchase a brand new automobile for $450, and Franklin D Roosevelt was President.

Back then-the developer, M.B. Kahn Construction, had also recently completed the Gonzales Gardens public housing project just a few blocks away. The two projects, Allen Benedict Court and Gonzales Gardens were basically twin projects-with the same property footprint and apartment floor plans. The only difference? Gonzales Gardens was built for Columbia's White citizens; Allen Benedict Court was built for Columbia's Black citizens. In the 80-year life of Allen Benedict Court, it has been home to some of the country's elite-to include a Grammy Award winning performer; corporate executives; national television celebrities; a host of doctors and lawyers; and NBA greats.

This week, as Columbia Housing puts its Allen Benedict Court demolition contract out for bid; the agency is hoping to retain some of the property's rich history by asking former residents who lived there over its 80-year history to share memories, photos and mementos.

"Our communications team is looking for ways to tell the Allen Benedict Court story," says Interim Executive Director Ivory Mathews. "We have launched the Allen Benedict Court: Always in My Heart webpage. We want to feature their stories on our website and create a table-top keepsake publication to capture the special place ABC has in so many people's hearts."

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