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CH Hires Security Firm to Encourage Adherence to Social Distancing & Stay at Home Orders

CH Hires Security Firm to Encourage Adherence to Social Distancing & Stay at Home Orders

Columbia, South Carolina...Social distancing saves lives. It's estimated that millions of people will likely be saved from COVID-19 novel coronavirus infection just by practicing social-distancing. So why are so many risking their lives and the threat of infecting others by not following the rules?

You don't have to look far to find people breaking the rules. Outdoor birthday parties with bouncy houses. Huge community cookouts where somebody brings out a big grill, food & drinks. Sound familiar? It should. Despite the rising death toll from the highly contagious and infectious coronavirus, social media timelines are filled with backyard parties and cook-outs happening throughout the area.

To date, Richland County leads the state in the number of people who get infected and die from coronavirus. So, it's no wonder that in the zip codes where we find the most infections are also zip codes where you see a lot of people breaking the rules.

"Regrettably, we see people in our communities and surrounding neighborhoods that find it difficult to routinely practice social distancing. We continue to encourage lifesaving practices to protect themselves, their children, and the overall community," says Mathews. "As a community, we must strongly discourage people from congregating at playgrounds, basketball courts, backyard bar-b-ques, and other events right now. It only takes 1 infected person to infect tons of others-often with deadly consequences," concludes Mathews.

Columbia Housing has hired Brown Protective Services to remind people to obey Stay-at-Home Orders issued by Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin and the South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. "It's not enough to encourage protective behavior in our CH communities, says Mathews. "We need surrounding neighborhoods to increase preventive measures, too. Bottom line-we're all in this together. The behavior of some of us has the ability to effect all of us."


For more information on Columbia Housing's COVID-19 Response please visit our COVID-19 Response web page. 

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