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COVID-19 Housing Choice Voucher Program Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have a lot of questions during this time. Columbia Housing is doing everything possible to prepare for and anticipate your needs. We appreciate your flexibility and patience during this time.

1.  What do I do if my recertification appointment was cancelled?

  • The paperwork that was mailed to you will need to be completed and returned to the office with the required documents by mail or by placing them in an envelope and dropping them in the drop box located by the flag pole at the main office.

2.  How do I report an income change?

  • A form will be made available on our website for you to print and complete. You can submit this by email, fax, mail or by dropping off in the drop box at the main office. If you do not have access to print the form you can contact our office by phone and a case specialist will mail the change form to you. In order to expedite processing, you will need to submit the form with documentation to support your change request. Forms that are submitted without proper documentation will not be processed until proper verifications are obtained.

3.  I want to move or port to another housing authority's jurisdiction?

  • In order to move you will have to get clearance from your current landlord. A form will be available on our website for you to print and complete with your landlord. If you do not have access to print the form, we can mail it to you. The clearance form can be submitted to the housing authority by mail, email, fax or by dropping off in the drop box. Once received, a housing specialist will contact you to complete the next steps.

4.  My unit passed inspection; when can I move in and how much is my portion?

  • Do not move in until a housing representative contacts you with approval. Your housing specialist must wait to receive the passbook from the inspectors before finalizing your paperwork. Once your paperwork is finalized the housing specialist will contact you and your landlord with approval and will confirm with you the portion you will pay.

5.  How do I get an extension on my voucher?

  • A voucher extension request form will be available on our website. Complete this form and submit to the housing authority by mail, email, fax or placing in the drop box. Once received a housing specialist will be contacting you to let you know if the extension is approved. Note that extension requests that are received after your voucher has expired will not be honored.

6.  How do I cancel a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) for a unit I was going to move in to and how do I get another RTA form?

  • Submit a written request to cancel the existing RTA form. Include the address for the unit you are canceling in your request along with the reason you are cancelling your request. Once received we will cancel the request and issue another RTA. In no circumstance will you be allowed to submit more than one RTA at a time.

7.  I was told I qualify for a utility check; when will I receive payment?

  • Utility assistance payments are direct deposited. If you are entitled to a utility payment you will be mailed a direct deposit form. You may choice to set up the direct deposit using your bank account or through the Key Bank card that will be provided to you by the housing authority. You must submit the form in order for payments to begin. Note that if you are using your bank account you will need to provide a voided check or direct deposit print out that verifies your routing number and account number. Payments are generally deposited around the 5th of the month.

8.  I have a problem with my unit and I want to request an inspection?

  • Submit a request in writing along with verification that you reported the issue to your landlord and that you have given them an appropriate amount of time to address your issue. If you do not submit verification of communication, we will contact the landlord with the complaint and with give them time to address the issue before sending an inspector.


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