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COVID-19 Visitation Protocols for Senior High Rise Communities

To protect the health and safety of our residents and staff during this period of heightened concerns about the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Columbia Housing is implementing the following visitation protocols for its independent living facilities: Oak Read High Rise, Marion Street High Rise, Rosewood Hills High Rise, and Arrington Manor.


All visitors must report to the security station to sign in.

  • All visitors will be required to disclose if they have recently traveled to areas heavily impacted by the novel virus or to recently traveled within the last 14 days to countries with sustained community transmission.


  • All visitors will be required to disclose if they have come in contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or under investigation for COVID-19, or are ill with respiratory illness.


  • All visitors will be required to disclose if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.


  • Any visitors showing signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat will NOT be allowed to enter the building.


  • Congregating or gathering in common areas or open spaces will NOT be allowed.


  • All visitors must go directly to the unit that they are visiting.


  • All visitors are asked to avoid touching surfaces as they travel to their designation.


  • All visitors are encouraged to exercise social distancing, limiting any physical contact.