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COVID-19 - Public Housing Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have a lot of questions during this time. Columbia Housing is doing everything possible to prepare for and anticipate your needs. We appreciate your flexibility and patience during this time.

1. If I have a maintenance request, how will it be addressed?

  • Currently, we are working under our emergency protocol. Only emergency work orders will be addressed at this time.  We will attempt to complete all non-emergency work orders within 30 days. All other work orders will be prioritized according to the maintenance plan.


  • Emergency work orders include the following:
    • Gas leak
    • Fire
    • Fire panel or sprinkler system not operational
    • Flood
    • Smoke Detector or CO detector alarming
    • Major roof leak
    • Lock Out
    • Heat if temp is 55 or below, or any reasonable accommodation
    • No working elevator
    • Security issue where door or window on 1st or 2nd floor will not lock
    • Loss of power in the entire unit
    • No water in the entire apartment
    • Exposed electrical line
    • Any other situation that may cause injury or threat to person or property

2. What if I need to speak to my property manager about an issue?

  • Our management office is closed to the public; however, we will have staff on-site to address your concerns via telephone or email.

3. What do I do if I lose my job while the office is closed?

4. How do I pay my rent?

5. How do I complete my recertification / renew my lease?

  • All recertification paperwork will be processed by mail.    

6. What if I have paperwork to return?

  • Please return all paperwork through mail or dropbox at your management office.

7. I am currently under eviction, what do I do?

  • Currently, all pending evictions will be temporarily placed on hold. Please contact your property manager for further updates.

8. I live ina highrise and want to know if deliveries will be allowed?

  • Mass prepared food deliveries from community partners are being postponed until further notice.

9. Are visitors still allowed at the high-rises?

  • In order to practice social distancing as recommended, we are asking residents to limit visitations to essential health care providers only.

10. What number do I call for a work order?

  • Please call 803. 251.2747 for all work order requests.

11. What should I do if I feel sick or think I have been exposed to Coronavirus?

  • Please contact DHEC for general questions about COVID-19, the DHEC Care Line is here to help. Please Call 1-855-472-3432.



COVID-19 Public Housing Frequently Asked Questions

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