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August Advocacy Week 3 - Send Your Letters Today!


August Advocacy Week 3: Increase Housing Choice Voucher

Effectiveness The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program provides families with access to the private housing market throught federal subsidies, but units can be difficult to find in increasingly competitive housing markets. To help families who receive a housing voucher succeed, Congress must ensure Public Housing AUthorities (PHAs) have all the tools necessary to overcome barriers to housing in their rental markets. Ask your legislators to provide full funding for vouchers and adminsitrative accounts, allow for pre-inspection of units, and increase PHA payment standard discretion for vouchers to keep up with rapidly rising rental inflations.

Why Your Voice is Important

Whether you are a Public Housing Authority (PHA) Commissioner, currently receive rental assistance through a voucher or a public housing unit, or concerned member of the community, we are all impacted when a family does not have access to affordable, stable housing. Speak out on behalf of the millions of families on waiting lists to receive a housing voucher. We encourage EVERYONE to get involved by sending a quick letter to Congress using NAHRO's easy to use link!

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