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COVID-19 Vaccine experience shared by Stanley Ochocinky

Resident and Former Korean War Veteran, Mr. Ochocinky Shares Experience Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

CEO Door-to-Door Chats


This week in CEO Door-to-Door Chats, Mrs. Mathews visits Marion Street High-Rise to check on families who recently took the COVID-19 vaccine. Meet Mr. Stanley Ochocinky who was one of the first in line last week to get the COVID-19 vaccine. "I'm sitting there waiting for her (the nurse) to give me the shot and she said, "I already did". I didn't even feel it", says Mr. Ochocinky.


New CEO Ivory Mathews developed CEO Door-to-Door Chats as a way to personally meet our families. Launched in the summer of 2020, the CEO Door-to-Door Chats initiative was designed to underscore the philosophy of prioritizing residents' needs while doubling down on the importance of quality service delivery. Most importantly, CEO Door-to-Door Chats creates an avenue for safe one on one face-to-face interaction with Columbia Housing's residents. Launching the CEO Door-to-Door Chats initiative creates an exemplary example of the importance of putting residents first and making sure they know it.

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