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Zooming to the Polls: Week 3 - Ballot Education


Join Jim Felder, Director of the SC Voter Education Project and Chris Whitmire from the SC Election Commission Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Registration Required.

Hear IMPORTANT Information About:

• Who's Running for What and How it Impacts Your Daily Lives

• Find out where to go to research the candidates

• Gain insight about advocacy and how to reach out to candidates and elected officials.

• Get answers about absentee voting, early in person absentee, and what to expect at the polls.

WHO Should Attend?

• ALL VOTERS who have questions about Absentee Voting.

• COMMUNITY GROUPS that represent individuals who should get this information about these important topics.

• FAITH LEADERS whom parishioners/voters look to for guidance when it comes to voting issues/information

• INDIVIDUALS who want to share this important information

zooming to the polls wk 3 flyer



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